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At Kumudu, we’re passionate professionals who’ve made it our business to support owners in their journeys to build amazing companies that serve their lives. If you think it sounds fulfilling and exciting to empower people all over the world in this mission, consider joining our remote team.

We Help To Manage your software

The process to build the systems your business needs, plus a results-driven mentor supporting you through each phase of your company’s growth.

Our Approach

We’ve helped millions of owners create a business that works—and continuously improved our process for developing your business along the way.

Helping Jewellers Systemize businesses

In our time getting to know and support Jewellery owners in virtually every size, we’ve learned that while you and your business are unique, your challenges and frustrations aren’t. For owners with companies grossing between 5Crore and 100 Crore, we provide the mentoring and tools you need to develop a successful business that frees instead of consumes you.


Build the right team that works the right way

Empower your team to become great leaders, so they’re not dependent on you to run your business—but they still get things done your way.


Create consistent financial results

Gain control of your finances so you can grow your business and manage cash flow with confidence.

Every system your business needs to grow


We’ll help you create every system you need to get organized, create clarity and grow—so your business just works.


Your customers are just waiting for you to find them

Create the Marketing, Lead Conversion and Customer Fulfillment Systems that will allow you to find—and retain—your target customers.

Solve your business frustrations.

Our process solves every business challenge by helping you build a solid foundation for your business systems. Whether you struggle with stagnant sales, finding the right employees, or any of the other business challenges so many owners face, we can help.


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Take the Kumudu Business Assessment to discover how your business systems measure up and where you have room to grow.

“Looking at things systematically…it changed our whole view on everything”.

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Our team is here to help you understand what you need to build the business you want—starting with a brief introductory call with an Kumudu Program Advisor. It’s your opportunity to discuss what’s challenging you most in your business and see if a free session with an Kumudu-Certified Coach can give you the answers you’re looking for.

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