Transforming business one owner at a time.

We’re passionate about helping owners create a business they love leading and a life they love living. And we bring together the best system solutions and an expert group of Demo to help you get there.

We’ve helped millions of owners

Helping Jewellers Systemize businesses that work since 1995.

Kumudu pioneered the Software Solutions business Jewellery industry since 1995. Founder Rajesh Shenoy saw a huge and unmet need among small Jewellery owners suffering from a tendency to build their business around their own ability to produce results. Inspired by the entrepreneurial founders of large Jewellers (like Sri Ramadas Nayak of Swarna Jewellers, Sri Subhas Kamath Abharan Jewellers, Udup), Rajesh recognized the inability of most small Jewellery owners to envision their business as separate from themselves, and he set out to build an affordable solution that could help owners change the way they think about their business and achieve the freedom they’re looking for.


Whatever your size or Jewellery Store,we can help.

In our time getting to know and support Jewellery owners in virtually every size, we’ve learned that while you and your business are unique, your challenges and frustrations aren’t. For owners with companies grossing between 5Crore and 100 Crore, we provide the mentoring and tools you need to develop a successful business that frees instead of consumes you.

"What I love most about being at Kumudu is the passion we all have to improve the lives of Jewellery Business owners. Sharath We're a group of really nice folks who care about our Jewellers community and clients. We do what we do so that business owners can love their lives"


What drives us.

Our values are the guiding force for all we do. We’re committed to embodying them as a team, with our coaches, and most importantly with you.


Trust [TEAM] & Respect [Job], Responsible & Accountable. Building solutions that create trust among users


Friendly & Flexible [Customer First]. Expressing gratitude, courteousness and flexibility while offering solutions to customer


Communicate Truth, [To add Value], Say what do, do what you say.


Inspire, Challenge, Helping, Inspiring solutions at market place.


Our Vision is to build inspiring solutions which help businesses to systemize and innovate digitally.


Use of latest cutting edge technologies, Promoting total employee involvement, creating continuous value to our customers.


We help 10000+ business owners to become fully systemized and digitized using our software solutions.

Every Coaches/Trainers is a trained professional who gets to partner with amazing Jewellery business owners. What gets our Coaches up in the morning is knowing that their work helps Jewellery business owners take back their lives and achieve their dreams—whatever that looks like for them.

Our Software Solutions don’t just transform businesses. They change lives.

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